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A loner that loneliness itself can’t acknowledge in the league of loners…

Life is lonely and incomplete…

You just listen to a song and it brings back memories, memories deep enough to make you feel nostalgic about a certain era or a short period of time located in the past. You’re so lost in the flow of instrumentation and words that your mind is taken away back in time. And it just affect your mood in an indescribable manner.

Music is just too powerful.

Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G.

Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G.

Whoa - Black Rob

Been Around The World - Ma$e, Puff Daddy & Notorious B-I-G

Amerie - 1Thing

We have a tendency to want the other person to be a finished product while we give ourselves the grace to evolve.

                                                                                      - T.D. Jakes


Don’t be this type of individual with this trait that Jakes described above.

I solemnly believe that the worst thing a man could ever fall for is these particles of vibes known as “mixed signals” a woman is spreading  all around his(a man’s) persona, that forms an aura that he’s dealing with.  Just like that, as minimal it could be in a woman’s eyes, this is a problem in the making.  It’s cool though that human beings as an unstable creature is quick to lose interest in anyone or anything, that mixed signal tend to vary from positive to negative (distancing herself from yourself due to that same “lack of interest” pre-mentioned) and when a man is trying in vain to re-encrypt the negative pole of the mixed signal into positive, there’s a chance that he winds up in what they commonly call:”friend zone”


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Deep and it comes from the heart when he salute.  Wise brother

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Pretty white toes make the world go round…NH

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"Your camp can’t do what my Boot Camp can do…"


Today I had the chance to share a conversation with a couple; they’ve been married for 40 years.  It all started when the wife said:”He’s lucky, I love him.” - my stubborn self who wanted to, sort of, be defensive towards him or even more wanted to balance the situation at first replied:”How about you’re lucky for having him?” then she said humbly:”Yes, I am!”.

And with a better tone, I added:”Well, both of you guys are lucky to have each other.” while I the indistinct voice in my head was saying:”That’s beautiful, that’s love.” 

I didn’t stop with the accumulation of phrases though.  ”Seeing people from this generation complaining so much about each other, it’s like a confrontation between genders but it’s the women…” the lady stopped me as quick as Flash would run:”No! It’s the men” but I didn’t finish and she didn’t know what I was gonna say.  So I continued:”The most complaints come from women about how men treat them.  See, I can’t even be against that but it is what it is.”

They both agreed with that statement.  

Then the conversation ended and another one started about a different topic, I gave them the very right  information and at the time they had to take steps away they both left a couple of nice words to compliment me which one of them was:”Have a great day and continue to be a good guy.”

Stussy - J-Dilla Documentary Pt. 3/3